Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Admin. settings.

Packet data settings

Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Admin. settings > Packet data.

The packet data settings affect all access points using a packet data connection.

Select from the following:

Packet data connection - If you select When available and you are in a network that supports packet data, the device registers to the packet data network. Starting an active packet data connection (for example, to send and receive e-mail) is quicker than if the device establishes a packet data connection when needed. If there is no packet data coverage, the device periodically tries to establish a packet data connection. If you select When needed, the device uses a packet data connection only if you start an application or action that needs it.

Access point - The access point name is needed to use your device as a packet data modem to a compatible computer.

High speed packet access - Enable or disable the use of HSDPA (network service) in UMTS networks.

SIP settings

Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Admin. settings > SIP settings.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) settings are needed for certain network services using SIP. You may receive the settings in a special text message from your service provider. You can view, delete, or create these setting profiles in SIP settings.

Access point name control

Select Menu > Settings and Connectivity > Admin. settings > APN control.

With the access point name control service, you can restrict packet data connections and allow your device to use only certain packet data access points.

This setting is only available if your SIM card supports the access point control service.

To turn the control service on or off, or to change the allowed access points, select Options and the corresponding option. To change the options, you need your PIN2 code. Contact your service provider for the code.