Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - Alphanumeric keypad

Virtual keypad

With the virtual keypad (Alphanumeric keypad), you can enter characters like you would with a traditional physical keypad with numbers on the keys.

1 - Close - Closes the virtual keypad (Alphanumeric keypad).

2 - Input menu - Opens the touch input menu, which includes commands such as Activate predictive text and Writing language.

3 - Text input indicator - Opens a pop-up window, in which you can activate or deactivate predictive text input modes, change the character case, and switch between letter and number modes.

4 - Input mode - Opens a pop-up window, in which you can select the input mode. When you tap an item, the current input method view closes, and the selected one opens. The availability of input modes may vary depending on whether the automatic input mode (sensor settings) is activated or not.

5 - Arrow keys - Scroll left or right.

6 - Backspace

7 - Numbers

8 - Star - Opens a special characters table.

9 - Shift - Changes the character case, activates or deactivates predictive text input modes, and switches between letter and number modes.

Traditional text input

Tap a number key (1-9) repeatedly until the desired character appears. There are more characters available for a number key than are visible on the key.

If the next letter is located on the same key as the present one, wait until the cursor appears (or move the cursor forward to end the time-out period), and enter the letter.

To insert a space, tap 0. To move the cursor to the next line, tap 0 three times.

Predictive text input

With predictive text input, you can enter any letter with a single tap of a key. Predictive text input is based on a built-in dictionary to which you can add new words.

  1. To activate predictive text input for all editors on the device, tap , and select Activate prediction, or quickly tap # twice. You can also tap , and select Activate predictive text.

  2. To write the desired word, tap the keys 2-9. Tap each key only once for one letter. For example, to write "Nokia" when the English dictionary is selected, tap 6 for N, 6 for o, 5 for k, 4 for i, and 2 for a.

    The word suggestion changes after each tap of a key.

  3. When you finish writing the word correctly, move the cursor right to confirm it, or tap 0 to add a space.

    If the word is not correct, tap * repeatedly to view the matching words the dictionary has found one by one.

    If the ? character is shown after the word, the word is not in the dictionary. To add a word to the dictionary, select Spell, enter the word using traditional text input, and select OK. The word is added to the dictionary. When the dictionary is full, a new word replaces the oldest added word.

  4. Start writing the next word.

Switch between text modes

To deactivate predictive text input for all editors in your device, select > Deactivate prediction, or quickly double-tap #. Alternatively, you can select > Predictive text > Off.