The browser toolbar helps you select frequently used functions of the browser.

From the toolbar, select from the following:

Expand toolbar - Expand the toolbar to access more toolbar functions.

Go to web address - Enter a new web address.

Show zoom - Zoom in or out on the web page.

To use the expanded toolbar, select Expand toolbar and from the following:

Go to feeds - View your current feed subscriptions.

Full screen - Switch to the full screen view.

Subsc. feeds - View a list of available web feeds on the current web page, and subscribe to a web feed.

Settings - Edit the settings.

Save bkmrk. - Save the current web page as a bookmark.

Reload - Refresh the web page.

Overview - View an overview of the current web page.

Homepage - Go to the homepage (if defined in the settings).

Bookmarks - Open the bookmarks view.

Find keywd. - Search on the current web page.