Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - Data connections and access points

Your device supports packet data connections (network service), such as GPRS in the GSM network. When you use your device in GSM and 3G networks, multiple data connections can be active at the same time, and access points can share a data connection. In the 3G network, data connections remain active during voice calls.

You can also use a WLAN data connection. Only one connection in one wireless LAN can be active at a time, but several applications can use the same internet access point.

To establish a data connection, an access point is required. You can define different kinds of access points, such as the following:

  • MMS access point to send and receive multimedia messages

  • Internet access point (IAP) to send and receive e-mail and connect to the internet

Check the type of access point you need with your service provider for the service you want to access. For availability and subscription to packet data connection services, contact your service provider.