Forgot your wallet or purse at home? Not a problem – you can pay with your phone or use it as a ticket, if supported by your network service provider.

To find out which services are available in your area, contact your network service provider. You need a SIM that supports NFC. The services are tied to your SIM.

Get started

  1. To activate the service, contact your network service provider.

  2. Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Settings.

  3. Select Connectivity > NFC > Cards > On.

Set your phone to ask before allowing any card transactions

Select Ask before using cards > Yes.

Note: If this setting is off, your phone doesn't ask for confirmation before allowing card transactions, not even when your phone or keys and screen are locked.

Pay with your phone

  1. Touch the reader with the NFC area of your phone.

  2. To allow the card transaction, select Yes. After the confirmation, you have a short time to make the payment.

  3. Touch the reader again. Your service provider may ask you to confirm the payment.

Using your service provider's compatible Near Field Communication (NFC) payment or ticketing services with this phone requires a service subscription with your service provider and the installation of your service provider’s application. Payment and ticketing applications and services are provided by third parties. Nokia does not provide any warranty or take any responsibility for any such applications and services including end user support, functionality or any monetary transactions or loss of monetary value. Back up your phone and contact your service provider before providing your phone for repair or maintenance to ensure the availability of the payment or ticketing services after repair or maintenance. For any questions about payment or ticketing applications and services, contact your service provider.

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