Learn how to use profiles in different situations, and how to change the phone tones.

About profiles

Select > Settings > Profiles.

Waiting for a call but can't let your phone ring? Your phone has various settings groups called profiles, which you can personalise for different events and environments. You can also create your own profiles.

You can personalise the profiles in the following ways:

  • Change the ringtone and message alert tones.

  • Change the volume of the ringtone and key tones.

  • Mute key tones and notification tones.

  • Activate vibration alerts.

  • Set the phone to say the name of the contact who is calling.

Tip: Want quick access to the profiles? Add a profile widget to the home screen.

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Personalise your ringtone and other tones

You can personalise your phone tones for each profile.

Select > Settings > Profiles.

Select the profile, Personalise, and the desired option.

Tip: To download more ringtones from Nokia Store, select Download sounds. For more information, go to www.nokia.com/support.

Tip: To set your favourite song from the music player as your ringtone, select Songs.

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Silence your phone

When the silent profile is switched on, all ringtones and alert tones are muted. Switch to this profile when you are, for example, at the cinema or in a meeting.

Swipe down from the notification area, then select Silent.

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Change your profile for meetings

Set your phone to discreetly beep once instead of ringing, when you're in a meeting.

  1. Select > Settings > Profiles.

  2. Select Meeting > Activate.

Tip: Want quick access to the profiles? Add a profile widget to the home screen.

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Set a timed profile

You can activate a profile until a set time, after which the previously used profile is activated.

Select > Settings > Profiles.

  1. Select the desired profile, and select Timed.

  2. Set the time that you want the timed profile to expire at.

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Use your phone offline

In places where you do not want to make or receive calls, you may still access your music, videos, and offline games if you switch to the offline profile.

Press the power key , then select Turn offline mode on.

When the offline profile is switched on, your connection to the mobile network is closed. All radio frequency signals between the phone and the mobile network are prevented. If you try to send a message, it is placed in the Outbox folder, and is sent only when you switch to another profile.

You can also use your phone without a SIM. Switch the phone off, and remove the SIM. When you switch back on, the offline profile is switched on.

Important: In the offline profile you cannot make or receive any calls, or use other features that require cellular network coverage. You may be able to call the official emergency number programmed into your device.To make calls, you must first change to another profile.

When the offline profile is switched on, you can still connect to a Wi-Fi network to, for example, read your mail or browse the internet. You can also use Bluetooth.

If NFC is switched on, it is on also in the offline profile. To switch NFC off, select > Settings and Connectivity > NFC, then switch NFC to Off.

Switch the phone off when mobile phone use is not allowed or when it may cause interference or danger. Remember to comply with any applicable safety requirements.

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Create a new profile

How can you make your phone meet your needs at work or college or home? You can create new profiles for different situations, and give them appropriate names.

Select > Settings > Profiles.

Select > Create new, and define your profile settings.

Tip: You can set a ringtone specifically for your profile. Select Ringtone.

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