Items listed left to right or top to bottom. With front of phone facing you, on top edge: HDMI Micro Connector, micro-USB connector, headset connector. On right edge: combined volume and zoom keys, lock key, camera key. Below screen: call key, menu key, combined end and power key. With back of phone facing you, at top: camera. On bottom edge: wrist strap hole.

1 - HDMI Micro Connector

2 - Micro-USB connector. Used also to charge the battery.

3 - Headset connector (Nokia AV connector)

4 - Lanyard/Wrist strap hole

5 - Call key

6 - Menu key

7 - End/Power key . Used also to close the camera.

8 - Volume/Zoom keys

9 - Lock key

10 - Camera key

If there is protective tape on the camera lens, remove the tape.

Close the HDMI cover

With the back of the phone facing you, push the left end of the cover into the phone before you push the hinge end in.