Nokia Asha: Messaging tips

To speed up your writing, your phone can guess what you are starting to write. Predictive text is based on a built-in dictionary. This feature is not available for all languages.

  1. To switch predictive text on or off, tap Settings icon Settings > Writing settings and your language keyboard or keypad, and switch Prediction to OnOn icon or OffOff icon.

Use predictive text when writing

  1. Start writing a word, and when the word you want is shown in the suggestion bar, tap the word.

    Tip: To see more suggestions, swipe left on the suggestion bar.

Correct a word

  1. If you notice that you have misspelled a word, tap it, and you see suggestions for correcting the word.

Add a new word to the dictionary

  1. If the word you want isn't in the dictionary, write the word, tap it, and tap the plus sign (+) in the suggestion bar.