Your phone makes it easy for you to always keep up with what's happening.

  1. In the apps menu, swipe left or right to your Fastlane. Here, you can see the following:
    • Apps you've opened recently, grouped by date

    • Your upcoming calendar events. Swipe down at the top of the activity list to see what you've got planned next.

    • Your social networking activities, like your own status updates and comments

    • Your latest messages, missed calls, downloads, recent music, radio, alarms, and more

    Tip: You can easily pause or resume the currently playing song directly from the list.

    Tip: If you've set up a social networking account, you can post your status update in this screen when you're signed in.

Clear your activities

  1. Tap and hold an item, and tap Delete
icon. To clear all activity, tap Clear all.

Choose the activities you want to see

  1. Tap Settings icon Settings > Fastlane.