Nokia Asha 503 - Use your phone in flight mode

In places where you're not allowed to connect to the internet with your phone, you can still access your music, videos, and offline games if you switch flight mode on.

  1. Tap Settings icon Settings.
  2. Switch Flight mode to OnOn icon.

Switch flight mode off

  1. Tap Settings icon Settings, and switch Flight mode to OffOff icon.

Flight mode closes connections to the mobile network and switches your phone's wireless features off. Comply with the instructions and safety requirements given by, for example, an airline, and any applicable laws and regulations. Where allowed, you can connect to a Wi-Fi network to, for example, browse the internet or switch Bluetooth on in flight mode.

Warning: When the flight profile is activated, you cannot make or receive any calls, or use other features that require network coverage. To make a call, switch to another profile.

Switch the device off when mobile phone use is not allowed or when it may cause interference or danger, for example, in aircraft, near medical equipment, fuel, chemicals, or blasting areas.