Writing with the keypad is easy and fun.

  1. Tap a character key repeatedly until the character is shown. There are more characters available than are shown on the key.

    Tip: To see all the characters found on a character key, tap and hold the key.

Switch between character cases

  1. Tap Capslock key.

Switch between number and letter mode

  1. Tap the number key or the letter key.

Type in a special character

  1. Tap the symbol key, then tap the special character.

Move the cursor to the next row

  1. Tap Return key.

    Tip: Tap and hold the text until you see the cursor. Without lifting your finger, drag the cursor to the place you want.

Delete a character

  1. Tap Backspace key. If it's a compound character, tap the key repeatedly until the character is removed. Compound characters are not available in all languages.