Capture the best moments with your phone camera.

  1. To switch the camera on, tap Camera icon Camera.
  2. To zoom in or out, place 2 fingers on the screen, and slide them apart or together.
  3. To access the settings, like timer and photo resolution, or other photo modes, such as panorama and self-portrait, tap and hold the screen.
  4. To take the photo, tap the screen.

    To see your saved photos, tap Gallery icon Gallery.

    Keep a safe distance when using the flash. Do not use the flash on people or animals at close range. Do not cover the flash while taking a photo.

    Tip: When the camera is open, it's easy to switch to video mode or go to Gallery. To switch the video camera on, swipe left from the centre of the screen. To go to Gallery, swipe right from the centre of the screen.

    Tip: Need to capture a moment quickly? To switch on the camera when your phone is locked, swipe the lock screen up.