Explore your phone with a tap or swipe.

  1. To open an app or other item, tap the app or item.

    Important: Avoid scratching the touch screen.

  2. To switch a setting on or off, tap the switch.
  3. To see more options, tap and hold an item.
  4. To swipe, for example, to another home screen, steadily slide your finger left or right.
  5. To see more options, swipe up from the bottom of the screen if you can see three lines there.
  6. To close an app and go back to the home screen, swipe in from the left or right of the screen.
  7. To see notifications and change settings, swipe down from the top of the screen. To close the menu, swipe up, or tap an empty area outside the menu.
  8. To scroll through a long list or menu, slide your finger quickly up or down, and lift your finger.
  9. To zoom, slide two fingers apart or together on an item.

    Tip: For more info on touch screen actions, tap Care icon Care > Take the tour.