Learn how to set up a mail account, and how to send and receive mail.

Set up e-mail

Select Menu > Messaging > E-mail.

If you do not already have an e-mail account, you can create a Nokia account, which includes the Ovi Mail service.

  1. Select Get Ovi Mail.

  2. Follow the instructions.

Read, write, and send an e-mail

Select Menu > Messaging > E-mail.

Read an e-mail

Select an e-mail and Open.

Important: Exercise caution when opening messages. Messages may contain malicious software or otherwise be harmful to your device or PC.

E-mails with attachments, for example, images, are marked with a paperclip icon. Some attachments may not be compatible with your device, and cannot be displayed on your device.

View attachments

Select an attachment and View.

Write an e-mail

Select Options > Compose New.

Attach a file to the e-mail

Select Options > Attach file.

Send the e-mail

Select Send.

Close the e-mail application

Select Sign Out.