How do I remove the memory card on my Nokia C5-00 device ?

To remove the MicroSD memory card do following:

  1. If you device is switched on, press power key (end key) briefly, and select Remove memory card.
  2. When Removing memory card will close all open applications, Remove anyway? is displayed, select Yes.
  3. When Remove memory card and press OK is displayed, open the memory card slot on the right side of device.
  4. Press the memory card gently to release it.
  5. Remove the memory card from the slot and press OK.
  6. Close the card slot.

Tip: If it is difficult to remove the card with your fingertip, use the tip of the pen or stylus to gently depress the card to release it. Do not force the card, or use sharp tools on the card or card slot as this could cause damage or injury.

Check the type of the card you are using. MicroSD card size and fit may vary. It is strongly recommend using the type of the MicroSD card originally provided with your Nokia C5 device.