Nokia C5-00 - Can I activate the Power saving on my Nokia C5-00 device?

You can control the power consumption on your Nokia C5 device by adjusting the display brightness and the power saver theme. This adjusts the display lighting to consume minimum battery power whenever no keys have been pressed for some time.

It is possible to activate the Power saving directly from the Power (End) key options.  Note that the brightness is set to minimum by default and cannot be adjusted.  To deactivate, press Power  key > Navi up > Deactivate Power saving.     To adjust the level of display brightness by selecting Menu > Settings > Settings > General > Personalisation > Display > Brightness > Change > adjust the slider between Dark and Bright.

To define the power saver interval by selecting Display > Power saver time-out, between 5 - 90 seconds.

To select and preview the Power saver appearance from the Themes. Select Menu > Settings > Themes > Power saver and select one of the following options: Date, Text (Default Nokia; user can edit a maximum of 15 characters), Music player, Animation, Slide show or None. The selected view displays and then dims as the Power saver activates. Tip: To suit your local conditions, you may need to adjust the combination of both the Power saver time-out and the Display brightness, and preview this. To preview select Themes > Power saver > Options > Preview.

Tip: In very bright conditions outdoors, you may wish to set a longer interval for a while.