Get to know your wireless charging car holder.

With the car holder
facing you, at the top: clamp release button. Behind that, mount locking
lever. At the bottom: suction cup. In front of that under the holder:
connector for the power cable. In front of that, charger indicator
light. In front of that, NFC area. Next to that, cable opening. On
the sides: clamps. Separately, power cable. Connected to that, power
supply. On top of that, power indicator light. Next to that, USB connector.
Cable clips can be attached to the cable. Separately, extension cable.
The mounting plate is a separate disc with adhesive on the underside.

1 - Clamp release button

2 - Mount locking lever

3 - Suction cup

4 - Connector for power cable

5 - Charger indicator light

6 - Near Field Communication (NFC) area

7 - Cable opening

8 - Clamps

9 - Power cable

10 - Power supply

11 - Power indicator light

12 - USB connector

13 - Cable clip

14 - Mounting plate

15 - Extension cable

Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal.

Parts of the device are magnetic. Metallic materials may be attracted to the device. Do not place credit cards or other magnetic storage media near the device, because info stored on them may be erased.

The surface of this product is nickel-free.

Some of the accessories mentioned in this user guide, such as charger, headset, or data cable, may be sold separately.