Charge your charging plate and phone at the same time

Battery running low on both your phone and charging plate? Find a wall outlet or a computer to charge them together, or use a wireless charger.

  1. To charge wirelessly, place the charging plate on a wireless charger so that the charging areas touch.

    Alternatively, connect your charging plate to a USB charger or a computer.

  2. Place your phone on the charging plate so that the charging areas touch.

    Your phone charges first, if your charging plate is more than 50% full. If not, your charging plate charges first.

    When your phone battery is full, your charging plate begins charging automatically, and the indicator lights switch on, showing you the progress.

    If the charging plate becomes too warm, it automatically stops charging for a while.

    Tip: Leave your wall charger plugged and connected to the charging plate. This way you can use your portable wireless charging plate in the same way that you would use other wireless chargers, for example, at home or at work.