Nokia E5-00 - Nokia Ovi Suite

Nokia Ovi Suite is a set of applications that you can install to a compatible PC. Ovi Suite groups all available applications in a launcher window from which you can open the applications. Ovi Suite may be included on a memory card, if provided with your device.

You can use Ovi Suite to synchronise contacts, calendar, and to-do and other notes between your device and a compatible PC application. You can also use Ovi Suite to transfer bookmarks between your device and compatible browsers, and transfer images and video clips between your device and a compatible PC.

Pay attention to synchronisation settings. Data deletion as part of normal synchronisation process is determined by the settings selected.

To use Ovi Suite, you need a PC that runs Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or newer) or Windows Vista (SP1 or newer), and is compatible with a USB data cable or with Bluetooth connectivity.

Ovi Suite is not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers.

For further information on Ovi Suite, see the built-in help, or go to

Install Nokia Ovi Suite

  1. Ensure the memory card is inserted in your Nokia E5-00.

  2. Connect the USB cable. Your PC recognises the new device and installs the necessary drivers. This can take several minutes to complete.

  3. Select Mass storage as the USB connection mode in your device. Your device is displayed in the Windows file browser as a Removable Disk.

  4. Open the root of the memory card drive with the Windows file browser, and select the Ovi Suite installation file.

  5. The installation is started. Follow the instructions.

Tip: To update Ovi Suite, or if you have problems when installing Ovi Suite from the memory card, copy the installation file to your PC, and install from your PC.