Maps helps you find specific locations and types of business you are looking for.

Select Menu > Maps and Find places.

  1. Enter search terms, such as a street address or postcode. To clear the search field, select Clear.

  2. Select Go.

  3. In the list of proposed matches, go to the desired item. To display the location on the map, select Map.

    To view the other locations of the search result list on the map, scroll up and down with the scroll key.

Return to the list of proposed matches

Select List.

Search for different types of nearby places

Select Browse categories and a category, such as shopping, accommodation, or transport.

If no search results are found, ensure the spelling of your search terms is correct. Problems with your internet connection may also affect results when searching online.

To avoid data transfer costs, you can also get search results without an active internet connection, if you have maps of the searched area stored on your device.

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