About Licenses

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Data mgr. > Licences.

Some media files, such as images, music, or video clips, are protected by digital usage rights. The licenses for such files may allow or restrict their usage. For example, with some licenses you may listen to a song only a limited number of times. During one playback session you may rewind, fast-forward, or pause the song, but once you stop it, you have used one of the instances allowed.

Use licences

Digital rights management (DRM) protected content comes with an associated licence that defines your rights to use the content.

If your device has OMA DRM-protected content, to back up both the licence and the content, use the backup feature of Nokia Ovi Suite.

Other transfer methods may not transfer the licence which need to be restored with the content for you to be able to continue the use of OMA DRM-protected content after the device memory is formatted. You may also need to restore the licence in case the files on your device get corrupted.

If your device has WMDRM-protected content, both the licence and the content will be lost if the device memory is formatted. You may also lose the licence and the content if the files on your device get corrupted. Losing the licence or the content may limit your ability to use the same content on your device again. For more information, contact your service provider.

Some licence may be connected to a specific SIM card, and the protected content can be accessed only if the SIM card is inserted in the device.

To view your licences by type, select Valid licences, Invalid licences, or Not in use.

To view the licence details, select Options > Licence details.

The following details are displayed for each media file:

Status - The status is Licence is valid, Licence expired, or Licence not yet valid.

Content sending - Allowed indicates that you can send the file to another device.

Content in phone - Yes indicates that the file is in the device and the path of the file is displayed. No indicates that the related file is not currently in the device.

To activate a licence, in the licences main view, select Invalid licences > Options > Get new licence. Establish a network connection at the prompt, and you are directed to a website where you can purchase rights to the media.

To remove file rights, go to the desired file, and select Options > Delete. If there are several rights related to the same media file, all the rights are deleted.

The group licence view displays all of the files related to a group right. If you have downloaded multiple media files with the same rights, they are all displayed in this view. You can open the group view from either the valid licences or invalid licences tabs. To access these files, open the group rights folder.