With the One-touch keys, you can access applications and tasks quickly. Your service provider may have assigned applications to the keys, in which case you cannot change them.

1 - Home key

2 - Messaging key

Home key

To access the home screen, press the home key briefly. Press the home key briefly again to access the menu.

To view the list of active applications, press the home key for a few seconds. When the list is open, press the home key briefly to scroll the list. To open the selected application, press the home key for a few seconds, or press the scroll key. To close the selected application, press the backspace key.

Leaving applications running in the background increases the demand on battery power and reduces the battery life.

Messaging key

To open the Messaging application, press the messaging key.

To start writing a new message, press and hold the messaging key.

When you press the messaging key for the first time, you are asked to define the messaging key settings. Follow the instructions on the display. You can modify the settings later.