The browser toolbar helps you select frequently used functions of the browser.

Open the toolbar

Press and hold the scroll key on a blank area of a web page.

Move within the toolbar

Scroll left or right.

Select a feature from the toolbar

Press the scroll key

From the toolbar, select from the following:

qgn-indi-browser-tb-goto.jpgGo to web address - Enter a web address.

qgn-indi-browser-tb-urls.jpgRecently visited pages - View a list of the web addresses you visit frequently.

qgn-indi-browser-tb-bm.jpgBookmarks - Open the bookmarks view.

qgn-exit-fullscr.jpgFull screen - View the web page in full screen.

qgn-indi-browser-tb-page.jpgPage overview - Display an overview of the current web page.

qgn-indi-browser-tb-find-kw.jpgSearch by keyword - Search the current web page.

qgn-indi-browser-tb-settings.jpgSettings - Modify the web browser settings.