Nokia E5-00 - Customise profiles

Customise profiles

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Profiles.

Select Options > Personalise and from the following:

Ringing tone - Select a ringing tone from the list, or select Download sounds to open a bookmark folder containing a list of bookmarks for downloading tones using the browser.

Video call tone - Select a ringing tone for video calls.

Say caller's name - When you select this option and someone from your contacts list calls you, the device sounds a ringing tone that is a combination of the spoken name of the contact and the selected ringing tone.

Ringing type - Select how you want the ringing tone to alert.

Ringing volume - Select the volume level of the ringing tone.

Message alert tone - Select a tone for received text messages.

E-mail alert tone - Select a tone for received e-mail messages.

Vibrating alert - Set the device to vibrate when you receive a call or message.

Keypad tones - Select the volume level of the keypad tones.

Warning tones - Deactivate the warning tones. This setting also affects the tones of some games and Java applications.

Alert for - Set the device to ring only upon calls from phone numbers that belong to a selected contact group. Phone calls coming from outside that group have a silent alert.

PTT call alert tone - Select a ringing tone for PTT calls.

Push to talk status - Set the PTT status to each profile.

Profile name - You can give a name to a new profile or rename an existing profile. The General and Offline profiles cannot be renamed.