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Select Menu > Media > Podcasting.

Download podcasts to your device, and play them.

Play and manage podcasts

Podcasting delivers audio or video content over the internet for playback on mobile devices and PCs.

With the Nokia Podcasting application, you can search, discover, subscribe to, and download podcasts over the air. You can also play, manage, and share podcasts with your device.

Define the connection and downloading settings before using the application. Select Options > Settings > Connection and Download.

To search for new podcast episodes to subscribe to, select Directories.

To search for podcasts using keywords and podcast show titles, select Search.

To display the available episodes from the selected podcast, open the Podcasts folder, and select Open.

To download the selected episode, select Options > Download.

To play the downloaded episode, select Options > Play.

To update the selected podcast or marked podcasts, for a new episode, select Options > Update.

To open the web site of the podcast (network service), select Options > Open web page.

Some podcasts provide the opportunity to interact with the creators by commenting and voting. To connect to the internet to do this, select Options > View comments.


Select Directories.

Directories help you find new podcast episodes to which to subscribe.

Contents of the directories change. Select the desired directory folder to update it (network service). The colour of the folder changes, when the update is complete.

To subscribe to a podcast, scroll to the podcast title, and select Options > Update. After you have subscribed to episodes of a podcast, you can download, manage, and play them in the podcasts menu.

  1. To add a new directory or folder, select Options > New > Web directory or Folder.

  2. Select a title, web address of the .opml (outline processor markup language) file, and Done.

To import an .opml file stored on your device, select Options > Import OPML file.

To save a received .opml file, open the file to save the file into the Received folder in Directories. Open the folder to subscribe to any of the links to add to your podcasts.

Search podcasts

Search helps you find podcasts by keyword or title.

The search engine uses the podcast search service you set up in Podcasting > Options > Settings > Connection > Search service URL.

To search for podcasts, select Search, and enter the desired keywords.

Tip: Search looks for podcast titles and keywords in descriptions, not specific episodes. General topics, such as football or hip-hop, usually give better results than a specific team or artist.

To subscribe to selected channels and add them to your podcasts, select Subscribe.

To start a new search, select Options > New search.

To see the details of a podcast, select Options > Description.

Podcasting settings

To edit the connection settings, select Options > Settings > Connection.

To edit the download settings, select Options > Settings > Download.

To restore the default settings, open the corresponding settings and select Options > Restore default.