You can print documents, such as files, messages, images, or web pages, from your device. You may not be able to print all types of documents.

File printing

Print files

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Connectivity > Printers.

Before printing, ensure that all the necessary configurations have been done to connect your device to the printer.

Select Options > Printing options and from the following:

Print - Print a document. To print to a file, select Print to file, and define the location for the file.

Page setup - You can change the paper size and orientation, define the margins, and insert a header or a footer. The maximum length of the header and footer is 128 characters.

Preview - Preview the document before printing.

Printing options

Open a document, such as a file or message, and select Options > Printing options > Print.

Define the following options:

Printer - Select an available printer from the list.

Print - Select All pages, Even pages, or Odd pages as the print range.

Print range - Select All pages in range, Current page, or Defined pages as the page range.

Number of copies - Select the number of copies to print.

Print to file - Select to print to a file and determine the location for the file.

The available options may vary.

Printer settings

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Connectivity > Printers.

To add a new printer, select Options > Add.

Define the following:

Printer - Enter a name for the printer.

Driver - Select a driver for the printer.

Bearer - Select a bearer for the printer.

Access point - Select the access point.

Port - Select the port.

Host - Define the host.

User - Enter the user.

Queue - Enter the print queue.

Orientation - Select the orientation.

Paper size - Select the paper size.

Media type - Select the media type.

Colour mode - Select the colour mode.

Printer model - Select the printer model.

The available options may vary.

Image print

You can print images from your device using a printer compatible with PictBridge. You can only print images that are in the JPEG file format.

To print images in Photos, camera, or image viewer, mark the images, and select Options > Print.

Connect to printer

Connect your device to a compatible printer with a compatible data cable, and select Image transfer as the USB connection mode.

To set your device to ask the purpose of the connection each time the cable is connected, select Menu > Ctrl. panel and Connectivity > USB > Ask on connection > Yes.

Print preview

After you select the printer, the selected images are displayed using predefined layouts.

If the images do not fit on a single page, scroll up or down to display the additional pages.

Image print view

After you select the images to print and the printer, define the printer settings.

Select from the following:

Layout - Select the layout for the images.

Paper size - Select the paper size.

Print quality - Select the print quality.