Nokia Social networks is an always online service, meaning that it is connected to its respective gateways/servers all the time, consuming both data and time. There is no problem if you have a data plan that economically supports this kind of usage. But, if you have a time or volume based data plan, these always connected services will quickly drain your prepaid plan, or give you a nasty surprise at the end of the month when you must pay for the total charges acquired with this activity.

Nokia has two clients used to access your social networks:

  • Social is the Nokia S60 phone client. The only way to stop the normal behavior of this client (timed and as available updates) is to logoff your social communities.  By logging off, you will be disconnected and therefore not running up data charges. This will force you to login each time you want to access your social communities, but by doing this you will only be accruing data charges when you are actually using the service.
  • Communities is the Nokia S40 phone client. This client has a Manual setting that can be used to minimize your data usage.

To minimize your data usage, change your settings as detailed below.

Nokia S60 phone (e.g. Nokia 701 with Social 1.5.215 client)

  1. Go to the My Accounts (On the Social Client), which includes your Social networks. 
  2. Select a community that is online (a community that does not show Offline under its name).
  3. Select Options (lower right corner).
  4. Select Log out. Note: This must be done for each online community. Remember to log out whenever you are finished with Social.

Nokia S40 phone (e.g. Nokia C3 with Communities 1.x client)

  1. Go to the Your accounts screen.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Set Minimize my data use to On.