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Learn how to search for and buy items, and how to share the items with your friends.

About Nokia Store

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Store, then sign in to your Nokia account.

Did you know that you can personalise your phone with more apps? Or download games, also free of charge? Browse the Nokia Store to find the latest content that is designed specifically for your phone.

You can download:

  • Games

  • Apps

  • Videos

  • Themes and wallpapers

  • Ringtones

You can also get content that is relevant to your tastes and location.

To download from Nokia Store, you need a Nokia account.

When you sign in, you are offered content compatible with your phone.

You can search for and download content directly on your phone, or browse Nokia Store on your compatible computer and send links to content to your phone as a text message.

Some items are free of charge; others you need to pay for with your credit card or on your phone bill.

The availability of payment methods depends on your country of residence and your network service provider.

To learn more about Nokia Store, go to

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Search Nokia Store

Check out the latest and most downloaded apps or games, and items recommended for you and your phone. You can browse the different categories, or search for a specific item.

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Store, and sign in to your Nokia account.

  1. Select Store menu > Search.

  2. Enter search words in the search field, and select Go.

When you view an item, related items are also displayed.

Tip: To see what others have to say about an item, select the item. You can also see a description, the price, and the size of the download.

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Download a game, app, or other item

Download free games, apps, or videos, or buy more content to your phone. From Nokia Store, you can find content designed specifically for your phone.

  1. Select > Store, then sign in to your Nokia account.

  2. Select the item.

  3. If the item has a price, select Buy. If the item is free, select Download.

  4. You can pay with a credit card, or, if available, on your phone bill.

    To save your card details to your Nokia account, select Add.

  5. Select Pay.

  6. To confirm, type in your Nokia account username and password, then select Continue to start downloading.

When the download is complete, you can open or view the item. You can continue browsing for more content while downloading.

The content type determines where the item is stored in your phone. To change the default location, select Account icon > Installation preferences and where you want to store items.

Tip: Use a WLAN connection to download larger files, such as games, apps, or videos.

Tip: To avoid typing in your payment card details over and over when buying items from Nokia Store, save your details to your Nokia account. You can add more than one payment card, and choose which one to use when buying.

The availability of payment methods depends on your country of residence and your network service provider.

For more info on an item, contact the publisher of the item.

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View your download queue

While an item is downloading, you can continue to browse for other content and add items to your download queue.

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Store, and sign in to your Nokia account.

Select Account.

The status of currently downloading items is displayed in the New downloads section. One item is downloaded at a time, and pending items wait in your download queue.

Previously downloaded items are displayed in the My stuff section.

Tip: If you need to, for example, temporarily close your WLAN connection, select the downloading item, and in the details view, select Pause.To resume downloading, select Resume. Pause pending items individually.

If a download fails, you can re-download the item.

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Write a review

Do you want to share your opinion on an item with other Nokia Store users? Write your own review, and rate the item.

You can post one review per item that you have downloaded.

  1. Select the item and Review.

  2. Write your review, rate the item, and select Add review.

    If you want to edit your review, select Edit review.

  3. To publish your review, select Submit.

Help us keep Nokia Store clean, and report if you find inappropriate content. Select Report abuse and the reason. Enter additional details, if needed.

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