Explore the keys and parts of your new phone.

Items listed left
to right or top to bottom. On front of phone: touch screen. Above
screen: light sensor, front camera. Below screen: back key, combined
start and home key, search key. With front of phone facing you, on top edge: micro-SIM holder, connector
for headphones and loudspeakers. On right edge: combined volume and zoom keys, combined power and
lock key, camera key.

1 - SIM holder tool

2 - Micro-SIM holder

3 - Connector for headphones and loudspeakers (3.5 mm)

4 - Microphone

5 - Light sensor

6 - Front camera

7 - Volume keys

8 - Power/Lock key

9 - Camera key

10 - Search key

11 - Start key

12 - Back key

13 - Camera flash

14 - Camera lens

15 - Wireless charging connectors

16 - Wrist strap hole

17 - Micro-USB connector

18 - Loudspeaker

Items listed left
to right or top to bottom. With back of phone facing you: camera flash,
camera lens. Below camera: wireless charging connectors. On bottom
edge: loudspeaker, micro-USB connector, wrist strap hole.

Some of the accessories mentioned in this user guide, such as charger, headset, or data cable, may be sold separately.