Transfer content from Nokia Asha

Learn how to transfer content from your Nokia Asha to your Nokia Lumia.

These instructions are for phones running on the Nokia Asha platform.

You must have a memory card inserted in your phone.

You can transfer the following from your Nokia Asha:

  • Your photos

  • Your videos

  • Other content created by you

  1. Use a compatible USB cable to connect your Nokia Asha to your computer, and on the phone, select Mass storage.
  2. On your computer, open a file manager, such as Windows Explorer, and browse to your phone. You can see your phone (and the content stored on your memory card) as a separate drive on your computer.
  3. Drag and drop items to your computer.
  4. Use the cable to connect your Nokia Lumia to your computer.
  5. Use the file manager of your computer to drag and drop the files to your Nokia Lumia.

    Tip: Instead of using the USB cable, you can use the Welcome Home to Windows Phone app to transfer your files to your Nokia Lumia. Go to, download the app to your computer, and follow the instructions.