Icons shown on your phone

The status bar at the top of the screen tells you the current time, battery and signal strength, and much more.

Tip: To see hidden icons, tap the status bar.

Mobile signal strength

signal strength icon - Signal strength

no signal icon - Your phone isn't connected to a mobile network.

flight mode icon - Flight mode is switched on.

SIM card missing icon - There is no SIM card in your phone.

SIM card locked icon - Your SIM card is locked.

Mobile data connection

Single letters, combinations of letters, or combinations of letters and numbers show the type of mobile network to which you're connected.

Icons that show the network connection type may vary between regions and network service providers.

EGPRS icon - An EDGE data connection is open.

GPRS icon - A GPRS data connection is open.

3G icon - Your phone is connected to a 3G network.

4G icon - Your phone is connected to a 4G network.


battery half full icon - Battery power level

charging icon - The battery is charging.

battery saver mode icon - Battery saver mode is switched on.

battery state unknown
icon - Battery power or state of the battery isn't currently known.

Call forwarding

call forwarding icon - Your calls are forwarded to another number or your voice mailbox.

Bluetooth device

Bluetooth icon - A Bluetooth device is connected to your phone.

Bluetooth is not
connected icon - Bluetooth is switched on, but your phone isn't connected to a Bluetooth device.

Wi-Fi connection

no Wi-Fi connection icon - A Wi-Fi connection is available.

active Wi-Fi connection icon - A Wi-Fi connection is active.

data connection sharing icon - A mobile data connection is shared with other devices over Wi-Fi.

Driving mode

driving mode icon - Driving mode is switched on.


location icon - An app or service is using your location info.


roaming icon - Your phone is roaming outside your home mobile network.


vibrate mode icon - Vibrate mode is switched on.

silent mode icon - Silent mode is switched on.