HERE Maps shows you what is nearby, and directs you where you want to go.

You can:

  • Search for addresses and places of interest, such as restaurants, hospitals, and airports

  • Get driving, walking, and public transport directions – even without an internet connection

  • See where you are in a shopping centre or other complex building, and find your favourite shops and facilities

  • Use your phone’s camera viewfinder to reveal the shops and restaurants around you

  • Have your favourite places backed up and ready-to-hand on all HERE apps and at save places to your Nokia account

  • Organise your favourites into collections, just like music playlists

Tip: Use this QR code to download the latest version of HERE Maps to your phone. Press search key, and tap vision search icon. Point the camera at the code, and tap the link.

Contents of digital maps may sometimes be inaccurate and incomplete. Never rely solely on the content or the service for essential communications, such as in emergencies.

Using services or downloading content may cause the transfer of large amounts of data, which may result in data costs.

Some content is generated by third parties and not Nokia. The content may be inaccurate and is subject to availability.