Looking for a new restaurant, hotel, or shop? HERE Maps suggests nearby places for you.

  1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap HERE Maps iconHERE Maps.
  2. Tap my position icon to find suggested places nearest to you, or browse to a point on the map.
  3. Tap places icon.

    You can see all types of suggested places on the map.

Find certain types of nearby places

  1. When the nearby places are shown on the map, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and tap show categories and a category.

    The nearby places in the category are shown in a list. To see them on the map, tap the map.

    Tip: To pin a category to the start screen, after selecting a category, tap pin icon. This way you can quickly discover new places wherever you are.

Use LiveSight to see what's around you through your camera viewfinder

  1. To see your current or last known location, tap my position icon. Tap Livesight icon next to your current location.

    To see places through the camera viewfinder, hold the phone upright as if taking a photo in portrait mode.

    To get directions to a place, or to get more info, tap the place. To freeze the view, so you can study a place without needing to hold your phone pointed at it, tap pause icon.

    To take a quick look at where places are located on the map, hold your phone with the screen facing up as if holding a compass.

    Tip: You can find certain types of nearby places in the same way as in the normal map view. You can also pin a category, for example, eat & drink, to the start screen in the LiveSight view. This way you can get to the camera view of your nearest restaurants with a single tap.