Don't let your mails pile up. Use your tablet to read and write mails on the go.

  1. Tap mail iconMail.
  2. If you have several mailboxes on your tablet, tap an account at the bottom left corner of the screen, and tap plus icon.
  3. To add a recipient from your contacts list, tap To and a contact, and tap Add. You can also write the address.
  4. Write the subject and your mail.

    To add a smiley, tap smiley icon.

  5. To add an attachment, tap mail attachment icon . Tap a file and Attach.

    Swipe down over the keyboard to close it.

    If the attachment is very large, you can send the message using SkyDrive attachments. Recipients can see previews of your attached files, launch a slide show to view photos, and open and edit documents. They only need to sign in to SkyDrive to download a large file.

  6. To send the mail, tap send mail icon .