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  • My Lumia phone does not forward incoming calls to voice mail.

    Nokia FAQ | Phone management & connectivity Check your call forwarding settings: On the home screen, tap Phone > … >  settings . Slide the Call forwarding toggle to On . Check that the number to which you want to forward your calls and other forwarding options are correct.
  • How do I install a ringtone using the Angry Birds Roost application?

    Nokia FAQ | Entertainment You use them to personalize your notification alerts, whether it's calls, SMS's, emails, voicemails, reminders or your alarm clock.
  • How can I divert incoming calls on my Lumia phone?

    Nokia FAQ | People & messaging Follow the steps below in order to forward your incoming calls to another phone or the voice mailbox: Activate Call Forwarding: On the Start screen, tap Phone
  • Re: Lumia 520 voicemail

    Nokia Discussions Thank you Mobile Guru
  • Re: Lumia 520: VVM Not Provision for non-prepaid plans

    Nokia Discussions Okay - now I have the story from AT&T:  Robert Zee: Lucas, I went into systems and tried to setup the lumina 520 and checked compatibility got this message. Robert Zee: The Nokia Lumia 520 and AT&T Radiant Z740 are 4G HSPA+ and can have VVM only if on a Prepaid line of service.   Robert Zee: Our...
  • Re: Nokia Lumia 520 - No on-screen voicemail notification - O2 UK

    Nokia Discussions I purchased Nokia Lumia 520 (At&T) 3 days ago. I've checked and installed all updates but I still don't get a voicemail notification. Please help.
  • No voicemail notifications with NOKIA Lumia 520

    Nokia Discussions That's it really.  The messages are there and can be picked up but I am not receiving notifications that I have any.Thank you
  • Re: Not getting voice mail notifications

    Nokia Discussions At last, just got updates on my lumia 520 and low and behold voicemail notification is now appearing everywhere on my phone.It's about time as this problem had been going on for far to long. Network suppliers, Windows and especially Nokia who told me voicemail emblem doesn't appear on...
  • Re: Issue after Amber Update

    Nokia Discussions Hi There,I'm having the same problem since the Amber update, i missed a chance for a job interview because of the voicemail issue, it is so obvious it's a software problem, i have heard and seen a great deal of Nokia Lumia 520 owners complaining about the same thing. Just hope that Nokia or...
  • Lumia 520 settings>phone> my phone number -wrong

    Nokia Discussions "My phone number" (not the voicemail number which is different) given in settings is different from the one used by my network as my mobile number (but at least it is the correct country).Does this matter? I cannot find a way to change it.   More generally, I have not found any help...