Nokia Lumia 625 - Personalise the start screen

Personalise the start screen

Nokia Lumia: How to personalise your Start Screen

Make your start screen yours – choose your background photo, pin your favourite apps and much more to the start screen, or change the tile size and layout as you like. To get the most out of the space on the start screen, group apps into folders.

  1. To add a background photo, on the start screen, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap ALL SETTINGS.
  2. Tap start+‎theme > choose photo.
  3. Tap a photo, crop it as you like, and tap done icon.

    Tip: Why not match your background and tile colours with your background picture? Tap Background or Accent colour. To share your theme on all your Windows devices, on the start screen, swipe down from the top of the screen, tap ALL SETTINGS > sync my settings, and switch theme to Ontoggle on icon.

Move a tile

  1. Tap and hold the tile, drag and drop it to the new location, and tap the screen.

Resize or unpin a tile

  1. To resize, tap and hold the tile, and tap the arrow icon.

    The tiles can be either small, medium, or wide. The bigger the tile is, the more info it can show.

    To unpin the tile, tap and hold the tile, and tap unpin icon.

Group tiles into folders

  1. Tap and hold the tile, and drag and drop it on top of the tile or folder you want to group it with. To open an app from the folder, tap the folder, then tap the app you want. To change the name of the folder, tap and hold the name, and type in the name you want. To remove a folder, unpin the tiles in it.

Pin an app

  1. Swipe left to go to the apps menu, tap and hold the app, and tap pin to start.

Pin a contact

  1. Tap people iconPeople, tap and hold the contact, and tap pin to start.

    When you pin contacts, their feed updates are shown on the tile, and you can call them directly from the start screen.