Keep your friends with you. Save their phone numbers, addresses, and other info to the People hub.

Tap people iconPeople, and swipe to contacts.

Add a contact

  1. Tap plus icon.
  2. If you're signed in to several accounts, select the account to which you want to save the contact.

    You cannot save a contact to your phone only, it’s always saved to an account.

  3. Add the contact details, and tap save icon.

    Tip: Your contacts are backed up automatically to your Microsoft account.

Edit a contact

  1. Tap the contact and edit icon, and edit or add details, such as a ringtone or a web address.

Delete a contact

  1. Tap the contact and options icon > delete.

The contact is deleted both from your phone and, with some exceptions such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, from the social networking service where it's stored.

Tip: If you want to delete multiple contacts quickly, on your computer, log in to with your Microsoft account, and delete them there.

Filter your contacts list

  1. If you don't want contacts from social networking services to show up in your contacts list, you can filter them out. In the contacts list, tap options icon > settings > filter contacts list and the accounts you want to show or hide.

    Tip: You can also filter out the contacts without phone numbers. Switch Hide contacts without phone numbers to Ontoggle on icon.