How can I reduce a data usage on my Lumia phone?

The available Lumia features may vary, depending on, for example, your language, region, service provider, or phone model.

To fully turn off mobile (cellular) data connections, tap Settingsmobile+SIM (cellular+SIM), and switch Data connection to Off.

To keep mobile data connections but to reduce the data usage, consider the following options:

1. Limit the data usage:

  • Tap Settingsmobile+SIM (cellular+SIM), and switch Data roaming options to Don’t roam.
  • Tap Settingsdata sense and tap set limit or switch Restrict background data usage and/or Restrict background data usage when roaming to On.

2. Turn off location services

  • Tap Settingslocation and switch Location services to Off.
  • Tap Settingsfind my phone and uncheck options.
  • Start Maps app and tap ... > settings and switch Synchronize my places to Off.

3. Turn off backup

  • Tap Settings > backup > apps+settings and switch Settings backup to Off.
  • Tap Settings > backup > text messages and switch Text message backup to Off.
  • Tap Settings > backup > photos+videos and select Don't upload.

4. Change your mail settings to retrieve mail items less frequently: start the mail account you want to modify, tap ... > settings > sync settings and change the setting for Download new content or set it to manual control. 

5. Stop your phone connecting to your music collection in the cloud: start Music app, then tap ... > settings, and switch settings to off.

6. Stop your phone connecting to games: start Games app, then tap ... > settings, and switch all relevant settings off.