Where can I find the memory card (microSD) slot on my Lumia phone?

Most Lumia phones have a slot for a memory card (microSD), and you will find the information how to insert your memory card into your phone in the Quick Guide (included in the sales package) or in the User Guide available at http://microsoft.com/mobile/support.

Note!  The following Lumia phones do not have a memory card slot, but they provide the onboard storage as below:

  • 4GB (Lumia 505 and 510)
  • 8GB (Lumia 610 and 710)
  • 16GB (Lumia 800, 900, and 925)
  • 32GB (Lumia 920, 920T, 928, 930, 1020 and Icon)

You also have Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage, which lets you access and share docs and photos with other devices.

More information about OneDrive can be found at https://onedrive.live.com