Do you have important deadlines to meet at work, library books to return, or some other tasks you need to remember? You can add them to your task list and cross them out once completed. If you have a particular deadline, set a reminder.

Tap calendar iconCalendar > options icon > tasks.

  1. Tap plus icon, and fill in the fields.
  2. To add a reminder, switch Reminder to Ontoggle on icon, and set the reminder date and time.
  3. Tap save icon.

Edit or delete a task

  1. Tap and hold the task, and tap edit or delete.

    Tip: Feeling energetic? Or hands full and no time for extra tasks? To quickly bring the time of the event forward or postpone it, tap and hold the task, and select the option you want.

Mark a task as complete

  1. Tap and hold the task, and tap complete.