How can I get a web feed widget on my home screen with Symbian Anna (and earlier)?

Web feeds can be added as content to the home screen after the web feed has been subscribed to in the web browser. The web feed becomes then available in the home screen content list and can be added as a widget on the home screen.

Here's sample steps for creating a web feed widget:

  1. Open the desired web page with web browser.
  2. Select Options > Subscribe to web feeds or Add feed.
  3. Select the desired web feed.
  4. Select Options > Edit > Edit (or in Symbian ^3 devices long press the web feed and select Edit).
  5. Set the desired refresh interval in Automatic updates.
  6. Go to home screen, long press an empty slot and select Add content (in Symbian ^3 devices select "+").
  7. Select the web feed created above.

If there is no Options > Subscribe to web feeds or Add feed command visible in the web browser, you can create the web feed also by selecting the desired web feed link on a web page or by creating the web feed manually:

  1. If the web page contains links to the available RSS web feeds, tap the desired web feed to add it on the Web feeds list in your browser. Select Options > Edit > Edit or long press the web feed to edit the refresh interval.
  2. If the web feed address is known in advance, the web feed can be created manually by selecting in the browser Options > (Go to) > Web feeds > Options > (Web feed options) > New feed.