What to do if N8-00 Photo gallery or Music player cannot be accessed?

In some cases Nokia N8-00 with device version PR1.0 (011.012) may enter a state where the Photo gallery (Menu > Photos > All) or Music player (Menu > Music player > Select any album or song) cannot be accessed. The phone display goes totally white or black.

The phone recovers in this situation by pressing the on/off switch for 8 seconds but the same issue will happen again when entering the photo gallery or music player.

The problem can be fixed by installing a phone applications update in the following way:

  1. Select Menu > Applications > SW Update.
  2. Select "Phone apps update".
  3. Select Options > Start update.
  4. Reboot the device after the update has been installed.

The issue is fixed in N8-00 device software version PR1.1 (013.016) and later. The above update is needed only with device software version PR1.0 (011.012).