How do I use my Symbian^3 device as a modem to connect my PC to internet?

You can use your Symbian^3 device (e.g. Nokia N8-00) as a modem to connect your PC or laptop to internet in the following way:

  1. Install Nokia Suite in your PC or laptop.
  2. Check that you have a SIM card inserted in your phone and that the phone is not in offline mode.
  3. Connect your phone via USB cable or Bluetooth connection to your PC or laptop (USB connection preferred because it provides a faster and more reliable connection). When connecting via USB, check that the phone is using Nokia Ovi Suite mode (check the default mode in Menu > Settings > Connectivity > USB).
  4. Accept any installation requests which you may receive in your phone.
  5. In Nokia Suite, select Tools > Connect to internet.

The internet connection is now established via your phone. To disconnect, select Tools > Disconnect in Nokia Suite.

If the connection doesn't succeed, check the connection settings in Nokia Suite menu Tools > Options > Connect to internet. Select your network operator from the list or, if not found, use the manual settings and define the access point name to be used in your operator network. You can also define the user name and password if these are required by your operator.