Select > Gallery.

Browse photos

Swipe up or down.

View a photo

Select the photo.

To view the following photo, swipe from right to left. To view the previous photo, swipe from left to right.

Zoom in

Place two fingers on the screen, then slide your fingers apart. To zoom out, slide your fingers together.

View the toolbar

Tap the screen.

View photos as a slide show

Select a photo and > Slide show > Play. The slide show starts from the selected photo.

View the photos in an album as a slide show

Open the Albums  tab. Select and hold the album, then select Slide show.

Change slide show settings

Select a photo and > Slide show > Settings.

Play a video

Select the video and .

Photos and videos can be sent to you in a mail or multimedia message. To later view these photos and videos, save them to Gallery.

Save a photo or video to Gallery

  1. In the multimedia message, select the photo or video.

  2. Tap the screen, then select > Save.

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