Insert or remove the memory card

Memory cards are sold separately.

Do not attach any stickers to your memory card.

Use only compatible memory cards approved by Nokia for use with this device. Incompatible cards may damage the card and the device and corrupt data stored on the card.

You can record high-definition videos. If recording to a memory card, for best performance, use a fast, high-quality microSD card from a well‑known manufacturer. The recommended microSD card class is 4 (32 Mbit/s (4 MB/s)) or higher.

Insert the memory card

  1. Use your fingernail to open the cover of the memory card slot.

    With the front of the phone facing you, the memory card slot cover is, from top to bottom on the left edge, the first item. Place your fingernail in the gap at the edge of the cover that is closer to the bottom edge of the phone, and carefully pull the cover away from the phone. Rotate the open memory card slot cover down.
  2. Make sure the contact area of the memory card is facing down, and insert the card. Push the card in, until it locks into place.

    When inserting the memory card, make sure the narrow side of the card goes in first and that the straight edge of the memory card is closer to the top edge of the phone.

Remove the memory card

  1. If the phone is switched on, press the power key, and select Remove [memory card name].

  2. Use your fingernail to open the cover of the memory card slot.

  3. Push the card in, until it is released.

  4. Pull the card out.