Learn how to play songs stored in your phone through an FM radio.

About the FM transmitter

Select > Pl. via Radio.

You can play music stored in your phone through any compatible FM radio, such as a car radio or a home stereo system.

The operating distance of the FM transmitter is about 2 metres (6 feet). Obstructions, such as walls, other electronic devices, or public radio stations may cause interference to the transmission. The operating frequency of the FM transmitter varies by region.

The FM transmitter may cause interference to nearby FM radios operating on the same frequency. To avoid interference, always search for a free FM frequency on the receiving radio before activating the FM transmitter.

The FM transmitter cannot be used at the same time as the FM radio of your phone.

Note: Using FM transmitter may be restricted in some countries. For more info, contact your local authorities and go to www.nokia.com/fmtransmitter.

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Play a song through a radio

Do you want to listen to music at a higher volume, or through better quality hi-fi stereo speakers? You can play music through an FM radio.

  1. Tune the receiving radio to a free frequency.

  2. Select > Music player.

  3. Select a song or a playlist.

  4. Select > Play via Radio.

  5. Enter the frequency to which you tuned the receiving radio. For example, if the frequency 107.8 MHz is free in your area and you tune your FM radio to that frequency, also tune the FM transmitter to 107.8 MHz.

To adjust the volume, use the volume function in the receiving radio. Make sure your phone volume is not muted.

Tip: To easily activate or deactivate the FM transmitter, add the Play via Radio widget to your homescreen.

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