Learn how to listen to FM radio stations on your phone.

About the FM radio

Select > FM radio.

You can listen to FM radio stations using your phone. Just plug in a headset, and select a station.

To listen to the radio, you need to connect a compatible headset to the device. The headset acts as an antenna.

It is not possible to listen to the radio through a Bluetooth headset.

You can listen to the radio even when offline mode is activated in your phone and you do not have cellular network coverage. The quality of the radio broadcast depends on the FM radio signal coverage at your location.

You can make or answer a call while listening to the radio. The radio is automatically muted during an active call.

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Find and save radio stations

Search for your favourite radio stations, and save them, so you can easily listen to them later.

Select > FM radio.

The first time you use the FM radio, the app automatically searches for available radio stations. If no stations are found, you can set a frequency manually. You can also use the automatic scanning feature later.

Set a frequency manually

  1. Select > > Tune stations manually.

  2. To set the frequency, select the up or down arrows. The supported frequency range is 87.5–108.0 MHz.

Scan for all available stations

Select > .

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Listen to the radio

Enjoy your favourite FM radio stations on the go!

Select > FM radio.

Go to the next or previous station

Select or .

View all available stations

Select .

Scan for another available station

Select and hold or .

Tip: To easily access the radio, add the radio widget to the home screen.

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Reorder the list of saved stations

You can reorder the list of saved stations, so that your favourites are at the top.

Select > FM radio.

The stations you have saved are listed in the Station list view.

Move a station on the list

  1. From the toolbar, select .

  2. Select and hold the station title, and from the pop-up menu, select Move.

  3. Select the new place on the list.

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