Learn how to synchronise content between your phone and a remote server.

About Sync

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Settings > Connectivity > Data transfer > Sync.

Would you like to have your calendar, notes, and other content backed up and at hand, whether you are sitting by your computer or on the go with your phone? You can synchronise your contacts, notes, and other content between your phone and a remote server. After synchronising, you have a backup of your important data on the server.

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Sync content between your phone and a remote server

Sync important content between your phone and a remote server to make a copy you can access from anywhere.

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Settings and Connectivity > Data transfer > Sync.

You may receive sync settings as a configuration message from your network service provider. The sync settings are saved as a sync profile. When you open the app, the default or last used sync profile is shown.

Include or exclude content types

Select a content type.

Sync the content

Select Options icon > Sync now.

Tip: To sync content between your phone and Nokia services, use the Nokia Sync app.

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About Nokia Sync

Select qtg-toolbar-menu.jpg > Nokia Sync.

You can sync contacts, calendar events, and notes between your phone and Nokia services. This way you always have a backup of your important content. To use Nokia Sync, you need a Nokia account. If you don't have an account, access a Nokia service – you are asked if you want to create one.

If you use Nokia Sync to automatically sync your contacts with Nokia services, do not allow syncing with any other service, such as Mail for Exchange, as there may be conflicts.

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Back up content to Ovi

Would you like to have your calendar entries, notes, and other content on your device backed up on Ovi? With the Ovi Sync application, you can synchronise the content between your device and Ovi manually or automatically.

Select Menu > Applications > Tools > Ovi Sync.

When you open the application for the first time, the synchronisation wizard helps you define the settings and select the content to synchronise.

Define the content to synchronise

Select Options > Sync settings > Items to synchronise.

Synchronise manually

Select Synchronise.

Synchronise automatically

  1. To activate automatic synchronisation, select Options > Sync settings > Auto-sync.

  2. To define how often to synchronise, select Options > Sync settings > Scheduled sync interval.

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