Learn how to search the map, and how to find information about locations and places.

Find a location

Maps helps you find specific locations and businesses.

Select > Maps and .

  1. Enter search words, such as a street address or place name.

  2. Select an item from the list of proposed matches.

    The location is displayed on the map.

Return to the list of proposed matches

Select .

Tip: In the search view, you can also select from the list of your previous search words.

Search for different types of nearby places

Select and a category, such as transport, accommodation, or shopping.

Tip: You can use the details page of a found location to easily navigate to the place, to view its contact information, or to save or share the location. Select the place, and the place is shown on the map. To view the details page, select the information area at the top of the screen.

If no search results are found, make sure the spelling of your search words is correct. Problems with your internet connection may also affect results when searching online.

If you have maps of the searched area stored on your phone, to avoid data transfer costs, you can also get search results without an active internet connection, but the search results may be limited.

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View location details

Find more information about a specific location or place, such as a hotel or restaurant, if available.

Select Menu > Maps and Map > Search.

The available options may vary by region. To view all the available place details, you need an active internet connection.

View the details of a place

Search for a place. Select the place and its information area.

Rate a place

Search for a place. Select the place, its information area, Rate, and the star rating. For example, to rate a place as being 3 out of 5 stars, select the third star.

When you find a place that does not exist or contains inappropriate information or incorrect details, such as the wrong contact information or location, it is recommended that you report it to Nokia.

Report incorrect place information

Select the place, its information area, Report, and the appropriate option.

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