Learn how to protect your phone, and keep your data secure.

Set your phone to lock automatically

Want to protect your phone against unauthorised use? Create a security code, and set your phone to lock itself automatically when you're not using it.

  1. Select > Settings > Phone > Phone management and Security settings > Phone and SIM card.

  2. Select Phone autolock period > User defined, then set how long before the phone locks itself.

  3. Create a security code using at least 4 characters. You can use numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case letters.

    Tip: To type in letters or symbols, press and hold #.

Keep the security code secret and in a safe place separate from your phone. If you forget the security code and your phone is locked, your phone will require service. Additional charges may apply, and all the personal data in your phone may be deleted. For more info, contact Nokia Care or your phone dealer.

Lock your phone manually

On the home screen, press the power key , select Lock phone, then type in the security code.

Unlock your phone

Slide the lock key, type in the security code, then select OK.

If the lock key is out of reach, press the menu key, then select Unlock.

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Lock your phone remotely

Forgot your phone at work and want to lock it to prevent unauthorised use? You can lock your phone remotely using a predefined text message. You can also lock the memory card remotely.

Enable remote locking

  1. Select > Settings > Phone > Phone management and Security settings > Phone and SIM card > Remote phone locking > Enabled.

  2. Enter the text message content. It can be 5-20 characters, and both upper and lower case letters can be used.

  3. Enter the same text again to verify it.

  4. Enter the lock code.

Send the lock message

To lock the phone remotely, write the predefined text, and send it to your phone as a text message.

To unlock your phone, you need the lock code.

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